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March 14, 2012
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       Watching as Zim left with Purple, Dib suddenly felt rather uncomfortable being left alone with Red only, unsure whether he should leave or stay.

        Closing the door behind them, Purple then turned to face Zim once they were alone, circling him a few times before slinking up behind him to place two hands with long, slender fingers on his shoulders. "So...Tell me, Zim...You 'like' this Dib-human that Red has been talking about this entire time?" he questioned the other, almost suspiciously.

        Zim blushed at having Purple so close. There had been a reason why he preferred to speak with HIM over Red after all, the same reason Red always wanted him gone. "Yes...I like him." he answered back confidently, eyes fixed on anywhere but Purple.

        Snaking his arms even more around Zim, Purple then rested his chin on one of the others shoulders. "And do you 'prefer' him over your Tallest?" he breathed into Zim's antennae.

        Blushing even more, Zim merely glared at the floor. "We broke it off, Pur...I like Dib now, okay...?" he said, more sternly to his purple-eyed leader.

        Antennae drooping at that response, Purple sighed and stood up straighter. "Yeah...You and practically every other Irken on this ship...Do you know, Red won't even take a vacation with me anymore let alone come to sleep with me at night...?" he said in a quiet voice to the other.

        His own antennae drooping at the others words, Zim couldn't help but send Purple a fairly confused look. "What? Why not? You two were so close..." he said, worried now for his Tallest/ex.

        "I was hoping you'd be able to tell me...Am I really all that obnoxious to be around?"

        "Of course not!" Zim spat out quickly, reaching up to comfort Purple. "...I think Red's just being a jerk. Maybe you should talk with him about this..." he offered his bit of advice to him.

        But Purple could only sigh out unsurely. "Would you come with me?" he asked, sending Zim a pleading look now.

        Smiling sympathetically, Zim nodded. "Sure." he agreed to go with the other to face Red.

        Meanwhile, said Irken was by now pacing the room back and forth nervously, his hands and fingers twitching from how long they were taking in there.

        Standing off to one side, Dib merely remained in the corner of the room, trying to act as though he were invisible so as not to catch Red's attention, his legs shaking more and more with each passing minute Zim was in there with his leader.

        Snapping his head up once he noticed both Zim and Purple exiting the room, Red couldn't help but snap at them suspiciously. "What the heck was all of that about?! What could you two have possibly been doing in there that was taking so long?!" he demanded, wanting answers.

        Purple sighed. "Nothing, Red. We were just...talking..." he said, glancing back at Zim for a moment.

        Eyes narrowing slightly on the other in suspicion, Red couldn't help but circle himself around the other. "And what exactly were you two 'talking' about? Huh? Huh?!" he asked, pointing accusingly at Purple.

        Walking over to where Dib was still standing, Zim turned to look back at Red. "We'll be the ones asking the questions, Red. Right, Pur?" he said, grinning at Red's shocked face when he heard Zim using Purple's pet name.

        Nodding slightly at the other, Purple looked back at Red.

        Pressing close to Dib as Purple turned to confront Red, Zim wrapped his arms around Dib for both his and the disguised human's comfort.

        But Dib was anything but comforted by the small embrace as his body tensed up at the feel of Zim wrapping his arms around him, his eyes wide as he looked back at the other. "Ummm...Zim? D-Did you forget that I'M STILL IN DISGUISE?!" he whispered urgently to the other, hoping neither of Zim's leaders were paying them any mind for the time being.

        Zim merely pet Dib's head lightly though, disregarding the others words as though they were nothing. "No...But if I can't show the way I feel now, it could ruin our chances..." he said, smiling at his human with eyes half lidded.

        Blinking his eyes confusedly at the others words and the small pet to his head, Dib could feel his cheeks heating up considerably.

        Noticing the small display of affection between the two out of the corner of his eye, Red turned and let out a low growl. "Hey! Wait a minute!" he stormed up to Zim and Dib, reaching out a hand towards the holographic antennae on Dib's head.

        Pulling back just to have the holographic device that had been serving as his disguise ripped away, Dib instantly shrunk down in Zim's arms at being exposed, eyes wide with fear as he cowered against the other.

        "I knew it! I knew I didn't recognize you! How the heck did you get back on board?!"

        "Red!" Purple grabbed his mate by the arm and turned him around so he'd look him in the eyes. "We're not finished talking!" his grip on the other tightened. "Why have you been ignoring me lately?! Have you just grown tired of being with me?! Or is it something else?! Because if you're planning on leaving me for another Irken, I deserve to know!" he glared at the other, an all too serious look on his face.

        Watching the display in front of him, Zim held Dib close, stroking his hair soothingly.

        "Wh-What?" Red floated back a step. "What do you mean? I'm not leaving you...I just...Uhh..." he stuttered out just to be interrupted by Purple.

        "Oh, come on, Red! You hardly spend any time with me anymore, you refuse to come to bed with me until I'm already asleep, and you probably didn't even remember that today was the day I planned on coming back from my vacation! So just admit it already! You've lost interest in me and moved on to another Irken, haven't you...?"

        "NO! I haven't moved on! There is no one else for me! I only want you!"

        Zim, however, could only sneer at that remark. "Doesn't look like it to me." He commented, half under his breath.

        "SHUT IT, ZIM!"

        Antennae having by now drooped as low as they possibly could on his head, Purple just stood there with his arms crossed, looking down at the ground unsurely, a still somewhat hurt look on his face. "S-So…You HAVEN'T grown bored with me…? A-And you'll start spending more time with me again…?" he lifted just his eyes to look at Red.

        "Well, I-I AM kind of busy right now you know..."

        Frowning even more, Purple sighed yet again at the others words. "Th-Then maybe we should spend some time apart from each other, seeing as how you're too busy to spend any time with me." He seemed about ready to just walk out of that room altogether.

        "NO! I...Uh...I...OKAY! We'll go on a vacation together! Will that make you happy?"

        That had Purple's antennae perking up. "We will?! Do you mean it, Red?!" he asked, looking up at him with wide, hopeful eyes.

        Sighing, Red could only bow his head before nodding slowly. "Yes, Pur. We'll go on vacation together..." he said before snapping his head up to glare at Zim. "But AFTER I've rid the universe of HIM." He pointed at the Irken invader.

        "What?! Oh, no you don't! You're not laying a finger on him! OR the planet he's been living on for the past 5 years! You promised me a few years back that it would remain a reserve AND that you'd leave Zim alone!"

        "But I HATE him!" Red jabbed a finger at Zim accusingly.

        Smirking at Red's reaction, Zim turned to whisper in Dib's ear. "Only because I'm a threat to his love life. Hehe..." he snickered into his hands amused.

        Purple, of course, didn't find this funny at all as he narrowed his eyes even more on Red. "Hate him, or are you just JEALOUS of him?" he said, taking a step forward to press the front of his body to Red's, nuzzling his neck.

        "I chose you over everyone else, including Zim…" he said, glancing back at Zim, his antennae drooping just a bit. "And Zim…chose that human over everybody else...So you shouldn't be jealous of him." He brought his gaze back to stare Red in the eyes.

        Sighing heavily, Red closed his eyes and leaned his head on Purple's shoulder. "I know..." he said in a low voice before looking up, sparing a glare in Zim's direction as he brought his own gaze back to Pur. "He can live...And the stupid planet with him." He knew when he was beat, even if he wouldn't admit it.

        "YES!" Zim couldn't help but shout in glee, throwing up his arms into the air before glomping onto Dib and nuzzling him lovingly.

        "Ack!" Dib let out a startled noise at the sudden glomp as he lost his balance, finding himself on the ground in a matter of seconds with Zim on top of him. Still fairly confused by the dialogue that had just passed between Zim and his leaders, all he could do was blink at Zim and then over at his leaders and then back at Zim again, tilting his head to one side as Zim nuzzled him before finally just shrugging and closing his eyes, nuzzling his face to Zim's chest.
Disclaimer- We do not own the cartoon that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. We do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Rating: M for later chapters

Warnings: EXTREME OOCness! (If you can not handle the OOCness in this story, then please click the back button now and don't even bother commenting about it. Any flamers we get WILL be blocked accordingly)

All of Zim's parts for about the first 3/4ths of this story were done by =Notgonnadie. Because of an argument we had a few months ago, however, and the fact that she left the fandom, the last 1/4th of this story will be written with help from =metros2soul So we hope you all enjoy what has been written already and what will continue to be written towards the end.

Dib: ~ZADRfan1 AKA *Pat-The-Kitsune

Preview Image done by ~ZADRfan1

Chapter 8: [link]
Chapter 9
Chapter 10: [link]
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Literature-Heals Oct 9, 2013   General Artist
I always knew that Zim's purple boss was nicer than his red one. I remember 5 years ago my collage professer used to grade our homework in purple ink instead of red ink. He would always say "purple is kinder than red"
Dib-The-Hybrid Oct 10, 2013  Professional Writer
Haha. XD Well, I most definitely have to agree with your professor about that. And you know, you can just refer to Red and Purple as the Tallests. =3 Or Zim's leaders/ the leaders of Irk. I don't really think they're ever referred to as bosses in the series. XD Or you can even just refer to them as Red and Purple for short. =3 Zim is much less an employee and more just an outcast, if anything. ^^
Literature-Heals Oct 10, 2013   General Artist
Speaking of the series IZ, I heard it will be back on nicktoons in two weeks. SOmeone jut noted me and told me to record it in advance.
Dib-The-Hybrid Oct 10, 2013  Professional Writer
Well, reruns, no doubt. Nicktoons has been playing reruns of Invader Zim for a few years now. They probably took a break from running the series for a while to give other shows time slots. But IZ itself has been back on TV for a while now.
Literature-Heals Oct 11, 2013   General Artist
It will probably stay on tv until april or may like earlier this year.
Dib-The-Hybrid Oct 13, 2013  Professional Writer
Yes, perhaps. I don't generally watch it on TV as often nowadays though because I already have the series on DVD. Though, it is nice to see them airing it again.
YAAAAAY PURPLE! You haz saved teh day!
Dib-The-Hybrid Feb 21, 2013  Professional Writer
That's cause Purple be amazing~:heart: Lol.
nerdinthecorner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pur was so funny and i almost died laughing once finding out red was jelllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
RunawayComics Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wait a sec...if his disguise is gone then so is the PAK, so what happened to the water ballons and stuff?
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