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June 7, 2012
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       Smiling sadly at Dib for his kindness, Zim could only blush a tiny bit at the small gesture. "You always look out for me..." he said before reaching forward to take the muffin and unwrap it so he could take a large bite of it.

        Smiling back at him, Dib went ahead and returned to his own food after a moment or two. "It's the least I can do considering everything you've done for me." he said, taking another bite of his food, chewing on it, and then swallowing before washing it down with his drink. "And besides...I think I'll be feeling better tomorrow. This sandwich doesn't seem to be upsetting my system nearly as much as all that junk food you were feeding me." he shuddered a bit.

        Mouth full of muffin, crumbles on his cheeks, Zim smiled happily up at Dib as he enjoyed his sweet treat.

        Unable to help but laugh at Zim's cute face in that moment, Dib leaned himself forward a bit to lick off a few crumbs from Zim's face. "Mmmmm...You're delicious..." he said, pulling back and licking his lips before finishing the rest of his sandwich and then sipping at his milk.

        Grinning back at Dib, his eyelids half lidded, Zim blushed. "Not half as delicious as you are." he then purred out, remembering that one night several weeks ago.

        Blushing himself at that comment, Dib instantly took to playing with his fingers while shyly looking down at the table. "Well...I'm not so sure about that..." he looked back up at Zim. "I've noticed over the past couple of weeks that your skin is really sweet. It's not salty like a human's would be. It tastes almost like you bathe in sugar or something. Is that normal, or am I just imagining it?" he asked, slightly curious now about the Irken's body chemistry.

        Shaking his head, Zim smiled to himself. "No, you're not imagining that. I eat a lot of sweets. You've probably noticed that already. But most Irkens do...I personally like the taste of salt. But I need sugar...It's like humans with protein...I need it to be healthy. Most of my body is made up of sugary substances...Like...Uhh...humans with water...I guess that is kind of what I'm saying...Uh...Yeah..." he rubbed the back of his neck, hating having to explain things as they normally came out odd.

        Lifting one of his hands to stare down at curiously, Dib tilted his head slightly to one side. "Oh, I get it...I think...So does that mean I need lots of sugar in my diet too since I'm part Irken now? Or will I be okay laying off the sugar for a while? Cause even though I didn't used to crave sweet things back when I was still a human, I find myself craving them more and more now that I'm part Irken." he said, placing his hand back down on the table.

        "Your human half should allow you to eat whatever you want, but it might be good if you slipped in a few sweets every once in a while."

        Still staring down at his hand, Dib nodded his head. "Alright. I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I can sneak in a small dessert every other night from now on. It's kind of weird though. I never used to like all too many sweet things when I was human. I very rarely ever ate or drank anything sweet. But now, everything's different. Rather than salting my food, I almost feel like sprinkling sugar all over it. And I mean over everything. Not just the already sweet things." he said, looking back up at Zim.

        Chuckling to himself at Dib's words, Zim nodded his head in acknowledgment of that. "Yeah...I know how you feel. It's never quite sweet enough..." he leaned back even more in his chair, licking his lips as he thought of some of the sweet things he had eaten in the past.

        Nodding his head in agreement, Dib returned his gaze back down to his milk. "My mom used to eat a lot of sweets. She said that they were practically all she ate when she was pregnant with me. So she was surprised that after I was born I didn't like them as much." he laughed to himself. "She thinks maybe I just got sick of them after nine months of the stuff. And the same thing happened with Gaz too." he said, recalling that his sister wasn't all that into sweets either.

        Choking on the bite of muffin that was still in his mouth, Zim gasped simultaneously at that bit of information, hacking and coughing in an attempt to dislodge the piece of food.

        Eyes wide and antennae perked, Dib jolted in his seat slightly at the sudden outburst. "Zim?!" he reached over a hand to pat his back and rub it up and down in a soothing manner. "A-Are you alright?" he asked, a bit shaken by the Irken's sudden choking.

        Wheezing where he sat, Zim struggled to swallow down the chunk of muffin in his throat before responding. "Oh..." he gasped. "I'm fine." he then panted. "Just went down the wrong way is all." he laughed nervously. "Anyway." he cleared his throat before continuing. "Just to make sure you're still functioning correctly, when did you start craving sweets?" he asked, afraid of what Dib's answer would be.

        "Hmm? Two, maybe three, weeks ago, I guess. B-But I don't see what that has to do with whether I'm functioning correctly or not. You said it was normal, right?"

        Eyes wide, Zim had to try very hard not to choke again. "Yes! Of course it's normal!" he wheezed out, eyes watering up now as he grinned up at Dib. "I was just making sure...Uhhh...Checkups are good, you know!" he threw in really quickly to cover up his nervousness on the issue.

        Just continuing to stare back at him confused, Dib could only send Zim a strange look for his sudden nervousness. "Umm...Yeah...I know that...I think you better take a drink before you choke to death, Zim." he said, passing him his milk to wash down the rest of what was stuck in his throat.

        Accepting the milk, Zim quickly went to chug some of it down, successfully freeing himself of the lodged muffin in the back of his throat. "Thank you." he thanked the other once he had caught his breath again, passing him back the milk carton.

        Nodding his head in acknowledgment of the other, Dib then reached forward a hand to brush his fingers across Zim's cheek. "You need to learn to eat a little bit slower otherwise you're going to end up killing yourself one of these days, and I wouldn't want that to happen to you." he then leaned in to kiss him on the lips before pulling away and bringing back his hand to rest in his lap.

        Smiling warmly at the small caress, Zim let his eyes slip back closed. "Yeah...I know..." he sat there quietly for a little while before opening his eyes again to stare back at Dib. "Say umm...Dib...Do you still feel the same way about...umm..." he began to ask rather awkwardly, blushing as he looked away "Do you still feel the way you did on our way back to Earth w-with me?" he continued in a quiet whisper.

        Face seeming to flare up also at Zim's question, Dib instantly tensed. "Wow...Umm...Well...I-I don't really know...I haven't given it all that much thought, I guess...Hmm..." he seemed to give it some thought while nervously playing with his fingers again. "W-Well, I guess you could say I have in some ways since then...I-I still want to have it with you when the time is right, if that's what you mean." his antennas seemed to twitch as he said this.

        Blushing an even brighter color, Zim looked away to the side. "A-And when do you think that time might be?" he asked, knowing it was bad to be getting this close to the subject but really needing to know. He knew he couldn't hide this secret from Dib forever.

        Tensing just a bit more at the question, Dib shifted about in his seat nervously, feeling rather uncomfortable now but not wanting to disappoint Zim, who had been so patient with him up until now. "W-Well...I-I don't really know...S-Soon, I hope..." he said, his face flushing even more. "M-Maybe even in a few hours, i-if you want to give it a try a-and if I'm feeling well enough..." he tried to sound convincing despite how uncomfortable he was feeling about the subject.

        Looking down at the table now, Zim's blush couldn't be any darker as he knew Dib was lying. "So...Not for a while then..." 'Great...This just got harder' he thought to himself after saying that.

        Eyes wide, Dib snapped his head up to look at Zim. "No! Really, Zim...I-If you want to give it a try tonight a-and see how far we get, I-I guess I wouldn't mind too much..." he said, cheeks a bright cherry red as he wanted more than anything for Zim not to be disappointed with him and think that he just didn't want to be with the other.

        "No, Dib. It's okay. I'm not trying to rush you. I was just curious is all."

        "I-It's not you, you know! I-It's me...A-And I don't know why I get so nervous about the subject...B-But I do...M-Maybe it's because I never thought about it up until a few months ago...I never considered what my first time would be like let alone whether I'd even have a first time...S-So I just want to make sure that if I'm going to do anything with anyone, i-it's going to be perfect."

        Feeling even worse now, Zim could only whisper quietly under his breath to himself. "Oh, it was perfect..." he sighed heavily. 'I wish he remembered what happened that night...But I can't tell him...He won't believe me if I tell him he asked for it...' he thought, unsure now how he was going to explain any of this to Dib.

        Having just barely caught Zim's words, Dib's antennas twitched, causing him to tilt his head to the side a bit. "Hm? What was that? Wh-What was perfect? Z-Zim...I-Is there something you're not telling me? You've been acting strange all afternoon." he couldn't help but ask the other about his strange behavior lately, getting the feeling that Zim really WAS keeping something from him.

        "N-Nothing! I'm not hiding anything from you! Why would I need to?! It's not like I've done anything bad, right?!" Zim suddenly became very defensive, breathing a little heavier then he meant to.
Disclaimer- We do not own the cartoon that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. We do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Rating: M for later chapters.

Warnings: EXTREME OOCness! (If you can not handle the OOCness in this story, then please click the back button now and don't even bother commenting about it. Any flamers we get WILL be blocked accordingly)

All of Zim's parts for about the first 3/4ths of this story were done by =Notgonnadie. Because of an argument we had a few months ago, however, and the fact that she left the fandom, the last 1/4th of this story will be written with help from =metros2soul So we hope you all enjoy what has been written already and what will continue to be written towards the end.

Dib: ~ZADRfan1 AKA *Pat-The-Kitsune

Preview Image done by =metros2soul

Chapter 41: [link]
Chapter 42
Chapter 43: [link]
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Literature-Heals Oct 16, 2013   General Artist
I can see how guilty Zim is feeling here. He almost choked on his muffin for goodness sakes! Even Dib is catching on to is weird behavior.
Straight-AsA-Rainbow Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Zim is BUSTED :iconhurrplz:
Oh he's gunna tell him can't wait for dibs reaction oFTo !
red167 Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
i eat LOTS of salt like i drank soy sauce,and ate salted pop corn,licked salt off my hand for a week,and acsidently drank salt water.... o-O i think i have a problem... and all that was in one week XD

p.s. im enjoying zims guilt X3 and that muffin he had .3. *runs out to get one*
Dib-The-Hybrid Jul 1, 2012  Professional Writer
Lol. XD Well, Zim's guilt most certainly runs deep in this story. And damn. That makes me hungry for a muffin as well now. *Runs to store to get one*
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