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    Smirking at Dib's question, Tak leaned herself even more against Gaz before answering. "Oh, nothing really. Just relaid a little message from Tallest Purple." she cackled a little. "Looks like he's going to come visit you two." she said, unable to hide the laughter in her voice.

    Dib blinked his eyes wide open. "Wh-What...?" he looked over at Zim. "What?! I thought they were going to leave us alone!" he said, obviously not happy with the news. He didn't want to think about why their leader was coming in the first place considering his and Zim's previous relationship.

    "Well, apparently not. Because he just called my base a few days ago and told me to let you two know." Tak smirked, now finding enjoyment in Dib's particular reaction, especially when she rested her head on Gaz's shoulder, hands traveling down the girl's body inappropriately.

    Dib blushed at how Gaz just seemed to ignore the other's actions, doing nothing to stop her. "Stop touching my sister like that!" he finally exploded, no longer able to take the small display of "affection" in front of him.

    Finally understanding why Dib was so mad and why these girls were harassing him and Zim, Rose made an "Oh" sound.

    Zim took Dib's hand. "Come on, Dib. We don't have to take their shit." he said.

    Turning on the other with a glare, Dib yanked his hand out of Zim's hand. "If you weren't taking their shit then you wouldn't be so insistent on leaving already just because your leader is coming!" he exclaimed.

    "Dib, you know how bad this could be! If Purple comes here, who knows what Red will do with the empire! He doesn't care about the laws! We could both be in danger! Not to mention the smeets!" Zim grabbed Dib's hand again. "Now come on! We need to go!" he exclaimed.

    Again, Dib pulled away. "No! The agreement was that they'd leave us alone if we left them alone! If they're not going to keep their end of the bargain, then I want nothing to do with either of them! Besides, what's the worst he could do if your other leader is already down here?! It's not like he'd blow up the planet with him on it! If you're so goddamn worried about what might happen with him being down here on Earth then YOU go deal with it! But I don't want to drop everything I'm doing just because he still has some crush on you from a long-dead relationship!" he exclaimed.

    Zim's antennae drooped. "Dib..." he sighed. "Look. You don't get it. We are programmed to protect our leaders!" he exclaimed.

    "Like you ever followed your programming. You killed our previous leaders."


    "No, you don't get it, Zim! There are things more important than your damn leaders! There are people more important than the people who abandoned you..." Dib pressed a hand to his extended belly.

    Zim sighed. "Dib, you ARE the most important, okay? But right now, we have to do something." he said.

    Antennae falling back in defeat, Dib stared up at Zim with tear-filled eyes before turning his head to look away, finally giving in though not happily. "...It just doesn't always seem that way, Zim..." he whispered in a barely audible voice, speaking more to himself than anyone else.

    Zim looked away sadly. "Come on. Let's go buy what we have so far..." he said.

    Pushing past the other as well as Tak and Gaz, Dib didn't argue but rather purchased the things he had picked out already, his antennae drooping down low.

    Grabbing his own antennae and tugging down hard on them again, Zim sighed. "I hate you, Tak..." he said.

    Tak smirked. "Aw, I hate you too, Zim." she teased the other cruelly before waving at him as he walked towards the check out lane with the bunny outfits Rose had found for the smeets.

    Paying for all the baby clothes, Zim took the bags from the cashier. "Back to the car?" he mumbled, wanting to postpone the inevitable.

    Dib just remained silent.

    Rose looked first at Dib and then Zim. "I-I guess...But didn't you want to get something to take for your stomach so you don't get sick on the ride back?" she tried to at least take their minds off of what had just happened.

    Glancing at Dib, Zim sighed more when he didn't say anything even now. "No, I'll be fine. Let's just go..." he said.

    "A-Alright...If you say so..." Rose sent Jack a worried look before making her way back to the car, Dib following close behind her and Jack, neither saying a word or even looking back at Zim.

    Following slowly, Zim, by the time they got to the car, felt miserable. "Here..." he gave Dib the bags. "Take them home. I'm walking..." he turned away from the car and started the long walk home.

    Blinking down at the bags momentarily, Dib then dropped them to the ground and followed after the Irken angrily, grabbing a hold of his arm. "Oh, no, you're not! You're not leaving me to face your leader alone if I get home first!" he sent Zim an all too serious look, antennae pressed as far back against his head as possible.

    Zim merely looked at him blank-faced, as if all his emotions had left him. "Just wait at Jack and Rose's house then. I'll come there to get you first." he said.

    "No! What's the point in walking back if your whole reason for wanting to head home in the first place was to meet your leader at the house?! Hell, we could have shopped and driven home faster than it would take you to walk home from here!"

    "Then keep shopping..." Zim turned back around. "Buy whatever you want." he pulled out a wallet from his PAK, well-stuffed full of money. "Use as much as you want." he handed it to Dib, still having that blank look on his face.

    Taking the wallet from Zim, Dib clutched it in his hand tightly. "You just don't get it, do you?!" he threw it back at the other. "I wanted to shop for this stuff with you! Not alone! They're YOUR smeets too!" he yelled, repeating those same words Zim had said to him earlier when he had wanted to head home.

    Still blank-faced, Zim turned back around and looked at him. "You don't seem to act like you want to be around me at all..." he said.

    "Well, maybe I don't want to be around you when your top priority in life is obviously something other than your family!"

    "It's not..."

    Dib glared hatefully at Zim. "...Then why can't you just let go of the past and move on with life...? Why do you think you have to do ANYTHING for those jerks who lied and abandoned you here on Earth? Why?!" he was shaking now with anger more than anything else.

    "I don't want to be shut down..."

    "...What...? Wh-What the fuck do you mean by 'shut down'?!" Dib was gripping the front of the Irken's shirt tightly, hands trembling.

    "It's all in my PAK...The only reason we are programmed to protect and obey the Tallest is because they can shut us down...Purple's never hated me enough to let Red do that though...It is a very serious punishment...But if Red is mad enough, he might go to the control brains and convince them to do it..." Zim kept his blank face, as if he could care less about dying himself. Really, he was just so emotionally overloaded, he didn't know how to act.

    His hands now trembling more with fear for the other's life, Dib's eyes widened at the other's words before releasing him, taking a few unsteady steps backwards. "Wh-What...? B-But...B-But that's so unfair...It's just not right! Th-They can't just play around with people's lives like that...W-With YOUR life like that!" he was panicking, the world spinning as he collided into Jack, face a pale white as he stared with wide, fearful eyes at Zim as though the other would just collapse and die right there in the parking lot any moment now.

    Still blank-faced and tired, Zim merely watched. "You wanted the truth..." he said.

    "I...I-I'm going to be sick..." Dib was hyperventilating, unable to take his eyes off Zim as he felt himself falling back, Jack catching him and holding him up, causing everything to spin and blur. "I-I'm going to...I'm going to..." he saw the world around him turn black within seconds as everything became lost to him despite how hard he was trying to keep conscious.

    "Zim! How could you do this?!"

    His emotions going even more wild now, Zim stared at Rose when she yelled at him.

    "He might be hurt now, Zim! Say something!"

    His face contorting, Zim twitched before finally screaming out loudly and falling to his knees, his emotional overload finally leaving him by way of heavy sobs.

    Rose's eyes grew wide. "Zim...?" she said.

    Holding Dib up with one arm, Jack reached out to steady the Irken as he cried. "Zim, it's okay. Don't cry..." he said.

    Tears rolling down his cheeks, Zim looked up at Dib. "I didn't mean it! Don't hate me! I-I didn't mean to tell you!" he exclaimed.

    Shifting the weight of Dib in his arms, Jack knelt down. "Zim...You just scared him...He doesn't hate you..." he said.

    Zim just kept shaking his head however. "I hate emotions." he said.

    As the Irken slowly began to calm, Jack could only sigh at those words. "Zim, don't say that...Don't say that you regret having them...If you regret having them, then you're saying you regret loving Dib." he said.

    "No, I don't regret that...Just the painful ones..." Zim sniffled a little. "I shouldn't have told Dib...I should have just stayed here. Stupid Tak. We were finally getting along..." he said.

    "It's not your fault, Zim. You couldn't have known any of this would happen. You did what you thought you needed to do to protect both yours and Dib's lives."

    Zim shook his head. "I ruined him...He won't look at me the same again...He hates me more than ever..." he said.

    "No, he doesn't, Zim...He doesn't hate you...Y-You might have sent him into a bit of shock, b-but I guarantee you he wouldn't have reacted like that if he didn't love you, if he wasn't worried about your life..."

    Reaching out for Dib, Zim sniffled. "He's just afraid to be alone..." he said.

    "Well, can you blame him...? He's been alone for so long...He was alone until YOU came along...He's absolutely terrified of losing you, Zim..."

    "..." Zim wrapped his arms around Dib, nuzzling him. "I know..." he said.

    Already kneeling down near Dib, Rose reached out to take one of Zim's hands and press it to Dib's stomach. "You need to watch what you say around him, Zim...Otherwise, one of these days, he'll end up hurting himself and these smeets..." she said as the smeets inside of Dib moved, causing a flutter of movement to ripple beneath Zim's hand.

    Nuzzling Dib's belly, Zim let the movement calm him down before kissing it slightly. "I think we should go home now..." he said.

    "Do you want me to carry him to the car?" Jack asked, not wanting to disturb Dib too much by shifting him over into Zim's arms.

    Picking up the bags, Zim nodded. "Please?" he said.

    "Alright." Jack said, scooping Dib up to bring him to the backseat of the car so he could lay him down until Zim got in the car and could prop him up enough to get a seat belt on him.
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Rating: M for later chapters.

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All of Zim's parts for about the first 3/4ths of this story were done by =Notgonnadie. Because of an argument we had a few months ago, however, and the fact that she left the fandom, the last 1/4th of this story will be written with help from =metros2soul So we hope you all enjoy what has been written already and what will continue to be written towards the end.

Dib: ~ZADRfan1 AKA *Pat-The-Kitsune

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Chapter 94: [link]
Chapter 95
Chapter 96: [link]
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