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    Crawling into the other side of the car, Zim set the bags down on the floorboard and reached out to take Dib from Jack.

    Pulling away once Zim had taken Dib, Jack then proceeded to help Rose back into the car before climbing in himself. "So...Do you just want me to drop you two off at home? Or would you rather I take you back to our place until Dib wakes up?"

    "I-I don't know..." Zim nuzzled into Dib. "Wherever he'd be happy..." he said.

    "Zim...You know he'll be happy wherever he is just so long as you're there...So, let me state my question differently. Are you feeling well enough to survive an entire car ride home? Or would you rather be allowed to get out at our house, recover if you start to feel sick again, and then walk home with Dib later?"

    "I think I can make it..."

    "Alright. But this time instead of concentrating on the road so much, why don't you try to keep your focus on Dib? Think about the smeets or anything else about Dib that makes you happy. And just don't even pay attention to what's going on outside the car. If you can take your mind off it, you might not feel as car sick this time around."

    "Oh! I know!" Rose turned in her seat to reach for the bag of clothes they had bought in the back seat. After a moment of searching, she finally pulled out the pajama top they had gotten Dib with the bunny ears. "Just think about Dib wearing this." she held it up for him, flopping the ears around like Dib's antennae again.

    Thinking of the bunny pajamas, Zim smiled and chuckled a little. He then shook his head and nuzzled up next to Dib, laying against his belly.

    Meanwhile, Rose continued to play with the bunny ears amused as Zim got comfortable in the back seat.

    Starting up the car to take them home, Jack let out his own small chuckle, Rose keeping Zim distracted until they got there.

    "So, that was Dib's sister back there?" Rose asked, trying to strike up a conversation as she fiddled with the shirt.

    Keeping his eyes closed, Zim nodded and held tightly to Dib so as not to let the motion get to him. "Yes...And despite how much Dib hates it, that other female was her mate...Tak's an Irken too..." he said.

    "Oh...So she was the same race as you...I could tell Dib was upset with how close she kept getting to his sister...Is he always that overprotective of her?"

    "I don't think so...Only since his dad kicked them out...Really, she's the one who takes care of him..."

    "Was she planning on helping with the smeets when they're born then?"

    Zim scoffed. "As if. She was PLANNING on killing me. It was almost lucky that Dib got pregnant or else she would have. But if she does now, she could get shut down herself." he said.

    "Hmm? Not his sister's girlfriend. I meant his sister. Is she planning on helping Dib when the smeets are born? O-Or does she even know he's pregnant?"

    Zim laughed. "Oh, she knows...I have the bruises to prove it. But I'm not sure what she's going to do, if anything." he said.

    "Well...She is the aunt now, so I would expect she'd be in their lives at least a little bit."

    Zim pouted a little. "If she doesn't try to taint our smeets with her evil." he said.

    Rose could only laugh a bit at that. "'Taint them with her evil?' Well, that seems like a kind of harsh thing to say. She didn't seem all that evil from what I saw of her. Perhaps a bit quiet, maybe rough around the edges, but certainly not evil. She was kind of cute-looking." she said.

    Zim glared at Rose. "Cute like a rabid weasel." he said.

    "What are you talking about? She looks just like a picture of their mother that Dib showed me a few weeks back. And she didn't look like a rabid weasel to me."

    "Well, no...I guess it's just her personality..."

    "Her personality? Well now, it couldn't be THAT bad...I mean, it's kind of hard for me to imagine she could be that bad when she's related to Dib."

    "Oh, trust me. She is." Zim kissed Dib's belly. "She's his younger sister and until he moved in with me, she beat him up at least once everyday for something." he said.

    "Oh, how horrible!" Rose looked back at Dib with sad eyes. "I guess it must be hard to stand up for himself when she's the younger sibling and a girl, no less..." she said.

    Hugging Dib closer, Zim nodded. "And yet he still cares so much about her..." he said.

    "I guess he can't really blame her for acting that way, especially when they both grew up in a household where their mother died when they were both so young and their father wasn't around to take care of them...I think I'd be angry too if I had to grow up like that."

    Zim nodded. "But Dib isn't...He spent his whole life doing things for other people...Other people who all hated him..." he said.

    "Yes...I'm actually surprised at how well-mannered he is after hearing everything he's been through...I mean, he still has his problems...But I hardly ever see him get really mad...Upset maybe...But he's under a lot of stress right now, what with the pregnancy and all."

    Clinging tighter to Dib, Zim felt his stomach twisting up from the car's odd movements. "Yeah..." he said in response to Rose's words, beginning to feel sick again.

    Noticing this, Rose sent him a concerned look. "Are you alright, Zim? Do you want to stop talking now?" she asked, looking back behind her to see where they were. "We should be reaching your house any minute now." she said.

    Not wanting to talk anymore, Zim nodded and nuzzled down closer to Dib, nestling his head against Dib's belly and feeling the smeets move within.

    "Alright..." Rose turned back around in her seat to watch the road as Jack drove the car into their neighborhood.

    Meanwhile, Dib shifted the tiniest bit in the back seat, groaning in his unconscious state as his antennae twitched slightly.

    Managing to keep from getting sick, Zim, as soon as the car stopped at his house, leaped up in victory before turning back to Jack and Rose."Could you help me get all this stuff and Dib inside?" he asked.

    "Of course. I'll grab Dib." Jack climbed out of the driver's seat to scoop Dib up out of the back seat.

    "Why don't you get the door for us, Zim, and I'll grab the bags of clothes." Rose said, already out of the car and leaning into the back seat to grab the bags.

    "Okay." Zim stumbled to the door, grabbing the handle just to feel it turn under his hand. He looked up, eyes wide as the door opened. "M-My Tallest..." he said.

    "Well, it took you long enough. Where were you? I said I was coming over. Your SIR unit had to let me in."

    Coming up to stand behind him, both Rose and Jack stopped in their tracks at seeing Zim's leader.

    "Hmm?" Purple's antennae perked a bit at seeing the two humans and then the unconscious Dib in Jack's arms. "And who are they? Your mate''s the word these earthanoids use...Parental units?" he asked, not at all concerned about being seen without any kind of disguise on, just figuring that these humans were like all other species in the universe and already knew of life on other planets.

    Zim swallowed nervously. "N-No, these are-" he began to say.

    "Yes, we're Dib's parents!"

    "Oh...Well, okay then..." Purple walked back into the house to sprawl himself out on the couch as though he had been living there a while now. "So, Zim...You didn't answer my question. Where were you just now?" he asked.

    "A-At the Earth store, buying supplies for Dib and the smeets..."

    Sitting up suddenly, Purple's eyes seemed to light up at that response and he smiled wide. "Oooh! Can I see?!" he asked excitedly. Although his business there had to do with asking Zim for a few pointers on how he might be able to get Red back into bed with him, the thought of getting to see what Zim had gotten for the smeets was just too good to pass up.

    "Uhh...Sure, I guess...Just let me put Dib in bed first...He got a little stressed out..." Zim said, turning to Jack to take Dib from him.

    Standing in the living room uncomfortably, unsure whether they should leave yet or not, Jack and Rose could only watch as Zim carried Dib to the elevator to take him down to the bedroom really quickly, Dib turning over in Zim's arms and nuzzling himself closer to the Irken's chest.

    Noticing their uncomfortableness, Purple lifted an antennae curiously. "Eh...So you're Zim's mate's parental units...Funny, I thought he'd look more like you..." he said.

    "Uhh, right. Yeah...Umm, he took more after his uncle than us." Rose smiled nervously. "Right, Jack?" she said.

    "Oh yeah! Of course! Taking after relatives other than your parents is common in humans."

    "Oh...Well, that's...strange...I wonder what their smeets will look like then..." Purple lifted his eyes to the ceiling, one eye closed and his tongue hanging out in concentration as he tried to think of what they could possible look like since Zim technically didn't have any relatives. "Well, maybe this time around the smeets will look more like one of you two." he said, shrugging it off.

    Under his breath, Jack laughed. "I doubt that..." he said.

    "So, are you excited about the smeets' arrival? Or is it also common for humans not to show excitement over any other offspring besides their own?"

    "Oh, no! We're very excited! Most humans love the thought of babies, uhh, smeets."

    Purple smiled. "Well, you're lucky...He's lucky...Him and Zim, I mean...I can't even get my mate into bed with me at the moment to even try and have a smeet...I get the feeling he doesn't even want one to begin with though..." his antennae drooped slightly at the thought. "But I guess that's not really all that much of a problem down here on Irth...Zim told me you, eh...was it humans?...reproduce like those fuzzy little animals with the long ears..." he said.

    Jack blushed. "Uhh...You mean, rabbits?" he said.

    "Oh, you poor dear." Rose sat next the Purple, still holding the bags close. "I'm sure he would want one. He probably just doesn't know it yet." she smiled softly then giggled. "Funny how you would bring up bunny rabbits." she dug into the bag, pulling out the bunny suits. "We got Dib and the smeets all matching bunny pajamas." she said.

    Purple's eyes lit up at getting to look through the bag of clothes they had bought. "Ooooh...Hey, wait a minute...What about Zim? If you got one for his mate and smeets, he can't go around without wearing one too. They should all match." he said, nodding his head at his own words.
Disclaimer- We do not own the cartoon that this fanfiction is written for, nor any of the characters from it. We do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Rating: M for later chapters.

Warnings: EXTREME OOCness! (If you can not handle the OOCness in this story, then please click the back button now and don't even bother commenting about it. Any flamers we get WILL be blocked accordingly)

All of Zim's parts for about the first 3/4ths of this story were done by =Notgonnadie. Because of an argument we had a few months ago, however, and the fact that she left the fandom, the last 1/4th of this story will be written with help from =metros2soul So we hope you all enjoy what has been written already and what will continue to be written towards the end.

Dib: ~ZADRfan1 AKA *Pat-The-Kitsune

Preview Image done by =metros2soul

Chapter 95: [link]
Chapter 96
Chapter 97: [link]
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