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   Nodding his head slowly, Dib watched the still rather nervous-looking Irken crawl over to the opposite end of the bed to get up before standing up himself to follow him out of the room. "...O-Okay..." his voice came out in a whisper as he walked behind Zim to the elevator, keeping his eyes glued to the ground as he played with his fingers, only glancing up at Zim every few seconds before returning his gaze to his feet.

    Zim wrapped his arm around Dib once he entered the elevator. "Umm, there's another thing too..." he said.

    "Hmm?" Dib lifted his gaze up to look back at Zim. "What is it?" he asked.

    "Purple's here..."

    Antennae perking at that and eyes snapping wide open, Dib pulled away from Zim a bit, his antennae then falling back to press against the back of his head. As could be expected, he was angry, but he wasn't going to say anything for Zim's sake. "...I-I don't care..." he said, looking away to the side, now refusing to make eye contact with Zim.

    Wanting to hold Dib again, Zim sighed. "It's not my fault, Dib. He was here when we got home..." he said.

    Eyes narrowed, Dib continued to stare down at the floor beneath them. "Okay..." was his only response as he still refused to even glance up at Zim, just trying to keep from losing his temper. He wasn't comfortable with Purple staying with them, but he didn't want to put Zim's life in jeopardy either by sending him away.

    Reaching out, Zim rubbed Dib's back. "Don't worry about him though. Rose is keeping him occupied." he said.

    Sighing out irritatedly, Dib otherwise didn't pull away. "Whatever..." he still wouldn't meet Zim's gaze, the other's massaging doing little to relieve his tension.

    His antennas drooping, Zim sighed. "I'm sorry, Dib..." he said.

    "Why? I already told you I don't care..." Dib's voice held very little emotion to it though it was outlined by just the tiniest bit of anger still that could be easily detected despite how hard he was trying to hide it from the other. Or perhaps it was jealousy, something he had never shown in front of the Irken before or expected to show.

    Again, Zim sighed. "You're mad at me though...I promise you I had no idea he was going to come here! I thought we'd seen both the Tallests for the last time when we were on the Massive..." he said.

    "I'm not mad at you, Zim...I told you...I. Don't. Care." Dib emphasized the last three words more to get his point across. He was lying, of course, but he just didn't want to make a big deal out of it now that there was nothing they could do about it.

    Not really believing Dib, Zim sighed but let it go, not wanting to get into another fight with him.

    The elevator finally coming to a stop, Dib fell silent also as it opened up into the kitchen, at which point Rose was waiting right outside the door, a wide smile on her face as she squealed excitedly before pulling Zim into a tight hug. Jack had told her Zim's plans and she just couldn't leave until she saw the other. So she had waited right outside the elevator door when she heard it coming up.

    Still hugging Zim close, Rose reached out to pull Dib into a hug also, causing the boy to blink his eyes wide open in some surprise and confusion at the sudden hug. Of course, she knew not to say anything, but she just couldn't help bouncing in place as she happily hugged them close.

    Hugging back, a small grin spread across Zim's face before he wrapped an arm around Dib too.

    His face flushing a bright pink now, Dib could only blink in even more confusion as the two hugged him tightly in between them before he glanced over at Jack on the couch, who merely smiled back at him knowingly yet secretively.

    Zim chuckled. "Okay, I think Dib's confused enough for now." he pulled back from the hug.

    Confused, Dib could only continue to look back and forth between Zim and Rose. "What? What are you hiding from me?" he finally brought his gaze back to land on Zim, expecting the other would tell him what he was keeping from him.

    "I'm not hiding anything. I just like to hug you." Zim said with a straight face in an honest voice.

    Not buying the other's words, Dib looked back at Rose a second time before returning his gaze to Zim again. "I don't believe you. Now tell me what you meant by, 'You've confused me enough.'" he said.

    "Well, you looked really confused. I figured you didn't understand why we were hugging you."

    "Well, I didn't, and I'd like to know why you were if you don't mind telling me." Dib said, glaring slightly at the Irken for playing mind games with him.

    Zim looked hurt. "Well, she hugged you first, so I hugged too." he said.

    Still glaring at Zim, Dib, after a moment, sighed and closed his eyes as he turned away from the other, antennae drooping. "Fine...If you say so..." he said, obviously still not believing the other.

    Zim's antennae drooped. "Aw, don't be like that, Dib. We were just hugging you." he said.

    Again, Dib sighed. "I wish I could believe you, Zim...I really do...But...I just can't...I can tell when you're lying, and I know that you're lying to me right now! But...I also know you have your reasons...A-At least, I hope...So I won't push it any farther..." he said.

    Glancing up at Rose and Jack worriedly, Zim sighed.

    Noticing this, Dib let his antennae droop down even more. "Sorry...Maybe I should just head back down to bed...I know I sound inconsiderate saying that...So if you want me to leave, I will..." he said, already getting up to head back towards the elevator.

    "NO! No, we don't want you to leave. I just got you up here. I thought you were hungry..."

    "I am..." Dib said, eyelids slipping half closed as his antennae drooped. "M-Maybe that's why I'm being such an ass right now..." he said tiredly, dropping the whole hugging thing and walking over to take a seat at the kitchen table.

    Zim smiled sadly. "So, what would you like to eat?" he asked.

    "Umm...Uh...I don't know...Anything will do, I guess..." Dib felt like all their eyes were on him now, something he didn't like. "Why don't you ask the smeets what they want...?" he said, resting his head in his arms, trying to ignore all the kicking inside of him at the moment.

    Zim laughed a little. "Alright. Let's see then." he nuzzled his head onto Dib's belly, pressing his antennas to it. "Hmmm. Uh huh. Uh huh...Okay, I'll tell him." he pulled back. "They want sugar and for their mommy to cheer up." he said.

    Sighing, Dib could only return his head to the table. "That's what they always want..." he murmured against the table, antennae twitching slightly.

    Pulling back, Zim sighed. "I'll make you something..." he said.

    Without lifting his head, Dib called after the other. "Anything but waffles!" he yelled, shuddering at his most recent meal to come up after having gotten sick. He had a craving for a lot of foods nowadays, but half of them he couldn't even keep down long enough to enjoy. If it wasn't his stomach rejecting the food, then it was the smeets. After a moment, he sat up in his seat to poke at his stomach and talk to them himself. "Hey...Quit being such picky eaters..." he said.

    A flutter of movement was Dib's only response.

    Pulling out some leftover Chinese, Zim smiled a little and heated it up quickly before bringing it to Dib.

    Continuing to poke at his stomach with one hand, Dib used his other hand to pick up a fork and dig into his Chinese food. "Alright...Alright...I'm feeding you..." he took a few bites, hoping for the kicking to stop soon or at least lessen. "Are we out of sugar?" he asked after a few moments, bringing his attention back to Zim.

    "Oh, uhh...Let me check." Zim ran back to the cupboard, hoping they weren't.

    Antennae perking, Dib watched Zim with wide eyes. "Y-You know, it's alright if we are...I don't mind eating it like this..." he said, not wanting to cause any trouble in the case they were. As much as he craved sugar, it wasn't like he couldn't eat without it.

    Finding a small amount, Zim jumped with joy. "Found some!" he rushed back over to Dib, holding it out. "We'll get more later." he said.

    Blinking at the small amount of sugar, Dib smiled and took it to sprinkle over his food. "Thanks..." he reached up to pull Zim down for a small kiss. "...for everything..." he said.

    Kissing back, Zim grinned wide. "Don't mention it, love." he said.

    Returning back to his food after a moment, Dib smiled back at Zim with a small blush, happily eating the rest in silence until the kicking had settled. Once finished, he then leaned back against his chair a bit to run his hand over his stomach. "Well, I think that calmed them down somewhat." he said.

    Nodding, Zim grinned. "Good." he said.

    Rose came up to take a seat next to Dib at the table. "So, Dib, is there anything in particular you want Jack to make you when you come over tomorrow? I know you've been living off of fast food the past couple of weeks and that's not very good for you and the smeets. He'll make you anything you like if you just tell us." she said.

    Dib looked up at her. "Anything...I'd like...? U-Ummm...I-I don't know..." he looked back at Zim for help. "Wh-What do you want?" he asked.

    Zim laughed a little. "They asked you, not me. I don't care what we eat." he said.

    "B-But I'm the one who will eat most anything. You're allergic to a lot of things. A-And besides...I kind of lived off of a lot of take out even before I moved in with you...When we weren't having take out, Gaz and I mostly just ate things like cereal or toast. We never really had a big family meal...A-At least, from what I can remember...Dad was always working and the only thing I can really remember my mom making that WOULDN'T cause you to have an allergic reaction was rice and this really good macaroni and cheese...O-Or are you allergic to cheese too?"

    "I can eat cheese."

    Rose rubbed Dib's shoulder. "It's okay, Dib. We can make something special for Zim that he isn't allergic to." she said.

    "Well...Umm...I guess I kind of miss eating spaghetti and meatballs..."

    "Spaghetti and meatballs it is then!" Jack grinned wide.

    "Well, is that okay?! Or is it too much work?! I don't want to make you do too much work!" Dib said, suddenly feeling rather flustered.

    "Dib, it's fine."

    "Yeah. Spaghetti and meatballs is a really simple meal to make."

    "Well...Okay...If you say so..." Dib blushed. "So, what do you want to eat, Zim?" he looked back to the other, curious as to what the Irken was going to eat now.

    "Hmmm, I believe over the years I've grown quite attached to a certain rare Earth snack." Zim crossed his arms behind his back. "Would it be possible to get the krispy squares? You know, the yellowy ones with the fluffy white stuff in them." he said, trying to describe the treat he wanted to them.
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All of Zim's parts for about the first 3/4ths of this story were done by =Notgonnadie. Because of an argument we had a few months ago, however, and the fact that she left the fandom, the last 1/4th of this story will be written with help from =metros2soul So we hope you all enjoy what has been written already and what will continue to be written towards the end.

Dib: ~ZADRfan1 AKA *Pat-The-Kitsune

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Chapter 99: [link]
Chapter 100
Chapter 101: [link]
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